Rodeo Location:

McIver Arena (Next to the Regional Park)
10695 Brockway Road, Truckee, CA


Truckee is a beautiful town full of wildlife and forests. Please be respectful of neighborhoods and local businesses.  Please be patient with our volunteers. Parking has always been a challenge with the Truckee Pro Rodeo. Get creative, carpool, drop off, arrive early. We want all our patrons to have a wonderful night of Rodeo. Plan ahead!

$10 ONSITE PARKING- very limited, first come first serve. 

Parking at Truckee Regional Park

Take TARTE, ride share, or carpool

free Street Parking Brockway, Estates Drive, and side streets around the arena be RESPECTFUL of the neighborhood!

Paid Parking

We will be charging $10 for parking on the south side of the arena.  The lot is located across from Estates Drive and will be open for public parking. Local Truckee Community groups regulate the parking in this lot, and proceeds will benefit them. In addition to the free parking options above, you can find free parking along Brockway Road or in the dirt lots by the baseball fields in Regional Park, which is within walking distance.

ADA Parking

ADA parking is also on the south side of the arena and is the same as discussed above. Preferred spots will be held for ADA individuals. There is no charge for ADA parking. Spots are limited to 5 spots.

Volunteer Parking

All volunteers must park back on Estates drive, carpool or walk from Soring way. No volunteer parking on Brockway Road or in any lots.

Contestant Parking

Main contestant parking is in the lot on the east of the arena; enter through the gate to the right of the Ticket Booth. Daytime contestants park in the front area, and overnight contestants park in the back area. Please let the gate personnel know if you are a daytime or overnight contestant, so you are parked correctly. Please park in designated spaces only. There is no charge for contestant parking, however it is VERY limited!

Drill Team Parking

Drill team parking is on the west side of the arena, as is overflow contestant parking. Contact us at for more information.