Truckee Rodeo Queens

Courtney Reich 
2013 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Fiona Delforge 
2013 Jr. Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Lauren Huseby
   2014 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Thank you to everyone who attended the 2016 queen pageant to support our contestants. Special thanks to the Hampton Inn & Suites, who donated a conference room for the indoor portion of our competition. 
Rachel Frantz
2015 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo 
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Lolly Buranzon
2016 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Kali Freele
2015 Jr. Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Lolly Buranzon
2015 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Our Current Queens:
Lolly Buranzon
2015 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Addi Wingate
2016 Jr. Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Ella Clifford 
2016 Truckee Pro Rodeo Princess
Lolly Buranzon
2015 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Past Queens:
Lolly Buranzon
   2014 Jr. Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Lolly Buranzon
2015 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
2018 Queen Competition:
We are not currently accepting applications for our 2018 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo and Junior Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo. 

On Sunday, August 20, 2017, the Queen Pageant will begin at McIver Arena for the horsemanship portion and end at the Hampton Inn & Suites for the indoor portion. Please see schedule page of website for additional details on attending the Queen Pageant. As always, the Queen Pageant will be open to the public, free to watch. 

Please contact our queen coordinator Lolly Buranzon with any questions (530-386-5711,
Bridget McClarrinon
2017 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Izze Miller
2017 Jr. Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Bridget was born and raised on a small ranch in Smartville, CA. She is a recent graduate from Chico State with a double major in Organizational Communications and Nursing. She is currently working as a registered nurse in an Emergency Room. Her hobbies include riding/training horses, wakeboarding, inland surfing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hunting, and abalone diving. Bridget is the former 2014 Miss Penn Valley Rodeo and 2015 Miss Marysville Rodeo.
Izze is a local student currently attending the Tahoe Expedition Academy. In addition to horseback riding, she enjoys nordic skiing and backpacking. Izze also participates in high school rodeo. Izze and her horse, Bentley, are excited to see what this year brings as they hold the title of 2017 Jr. Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo.
2017 Rodeo Presented by:
Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Donner Lodge #162
Lolly Buranzon
2015 Miss Truckee Pro Rodeo
Visiting Queens:
We welcome regional queens who would like to visit the Truckee Pro Rodeo to do a queen run. If interested, we can always use more help carrying flags in the rodeo as well. If you are planning to attend, please contact ​our queen coordinator Lolly Buranzon at 530-386-5711 or Please submit a bio in advance.